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First off, what is a domain name? A domain name is what goes in between the "www" and the ".com" For instance, a domain name would be "www.YourName.com" Here at Millenium Media, Inc. we start by offering consultation on effective domain name purchases and search engine compatibility. From there we look to see what domain names are available for you. If the name you want is available, we'll buy the name for you for as long as you desire (in terms of years) and direct that domain name into the appropriate name server. A name server is the location in which the domain name must "park" for public display on the internet.

Once everything is taken care of, we manage your domain name and add on as many purchased re-directs as needed. A re-direct is having multiple domain names all pointed to the same website. This is effective if you have a variety of names or nicknames for your business that someone may search for you on the web. To obtain more information on effective domain name purchases and search engine compatibility, please contact a Millenium Media, Inc. representative today.