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The Corporate Identity Package also known as a logo identity is a bundled product of your logo, business card, and letterhead. After a brief conversation about your company name and any additional information deemed necessary to develop your logo, we begin with a few pages of rough pencil drawings also known as 'thumbnails.' These thumbnails usually consists of about 20 - 30 two inch drawings portraying a variety of different ideas for your logo. From there, the client can take any combinations of what they see/like and narrow the field down to 2 solidified ideas. Once those ideas are set, we will then begin to create those concepts on file (on computer) and work with the fonts, colors, and details of the logo.

Once the logo is designed and approved, we move on to the business card and letterhead design. Keeping consistent in the designs of your corporate identity package is critical in presenting a professional branding. So your business card and letterhead will have the same size, text, font, color, and details as derived in the conception of your logo.

Upon approval from everything, Millenium Media, Inc. will prepare your logo onto CD or DVD with 2 main folders contained inside. The first will be a "Hi-Res" folder with 3 sub-folders called Logo, Business Card, and Letterhead. Inside each of these folders will have the contents saved as a photoshop doc, jpeg, bitmap, pdf, and eps (if applicable). The other main folder, called "Lo-Res" will contain the same information as the Hi-Res folder including 3 sub-folders named the same. The difference between the two are simple: the 'Hi-Res' folder is used for print (such as business cards, newspaper ads, brochures, etc.) The 'Lo-Res' folder is mainly used for the web and web-based applications. With everything contained within one CD or DVD, our corporate identity package is the ultimate 'one-stop shop' that allows our clients to bring their business to life!