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Our custom website design is unique in ways that separate ourselves from our competition. First we start by going through a quote request form to see exactly what the client is looking for and how we can achieve that goal. From there, we will generate a unique quote that lays out the time, means, and details of how we plan on accomplishing that goal. The design process is next. Here, we create a custom layout design with the most simplified navigation system possible (according to the specifications previously stated) for a more 'user-friendly' environment. All our websites are unique in design without the use of templates or 'cookie-cutter' graphics. The client has interaction in this process to make changes to the colors, graphics, and/or overall design ideas and concepts.

Once the design is approved, the production process is next. In production, we'll take the approved design and 'slice' it up into individual pieces to create all the necessary pages for your website. At this time, the client is responsible to provide Millenium Media, Inc. with all the text (information) for those individual pages. (Millenium Media, Inc. is a website design company, therefore, the only service we do NOT provide is copy/text for our clients.) Once all the text and information (such as pdf's, videos, etc.) is received, we will format accordingly, and your website will be ready for a final review before going 'live' on the web.

What are the Benefits to having a website? The Internet is the largest source of knowledge in the world giving you the power to reach billions of people with just one click of a button. Today, businesses can use a website to promote and market their goods and services, while cutting back on many expenses such as postage, couriers and advertising. The current opinion is that any business not on the Internet now or in the near future are  not only missing out on the rewards of this new and vibrant industry, but is adding itself to the list of the forgotten. Driving prospects to a website for further information can offer many advantages and benefits to your company such as:

  • A website provides an instant visual presentation
  • A website is interactive
  • A website targets each visitor exclusively
  • A website improves customer relations
  • A website can be found through search engines
  • A website is always available
  • A website is easily updated
  • A website saves on printing and mailing costs